About The Site

The thing [1] is, I’m off the grid. However, I have a website. [2]

Because I’m an entertainer,[3] I need an audience.[4] Because of the Internet, I have a website.[5]

My above reasoning[6] isn’t a logical premise/conclusion setup,[7] but a website for my stuff[8] isn’t illogical either.

Personally, I don’t like to sit in front of any kind of digital screen. But you do!

And, nowadays,[9] entertainers have platforms linking YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Snap, Insta, Whatever, Constant Narcissism, False Self-gratification, Partisanship-isms to generate a buzz.[10]

Only, this isn’t about me.[11]  It’s about your enjoyment.[12]

So, since I’m entertaining myself anyway, I’ve uploaded/downloaded/buttloaded[13] bits of grits[14] for you.

I’d like to reach and entertain all that I can, for the love of the people, so spread the word (without having to “like” me, “follow” me, or “comment”).[15]

I won’t constantly update my status, but you can every day in real life.

Did I mention I don’t like to sit in front of any type of screen?[16]

1 I’m off the grid.

2 This is the website.

3 Writer, Filmmaker, Musician, Comedian, Unofficial Philosopher, Official Psycho-therapist.

4 You.

5 See footnote 2.

6 I double majored in psychology and philosophy even though the philosophy credits don’t officially count toward a philosophy major due to the boxes I clicked during my initial registration.

7 https://plato.stanford.edu/ is one of the best sites for philosophical research. (I did not graduate from there.)

8 I should be more descriptive …

9 Post Internet – which isn’t to describe Internet Art but Earth during its time of Internet access. (See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5xYGYB6yCk if you want.)

10 Because who doesn’t like bugs flying around their eyeballs?

11 It isn’t?

12 It is?

13 A measurement for wine. I’m being ridiculous and mildly vulgar when using my “butt.” https://commonplacefacts.wordpress.com/2020/02/05/a-buttload-is-an-actual-unit-of-measurement/

14 Coarsely ground hulled grain (Merriam-Webster Dictionary). I used the word to rhyme, because my corny humor is finely ground.

15 Take a moment and ponder upon these quoted words.

16 Yes, I did. It’s in the body of my writing and not in a footnote. So, now what? Delete it?