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Again, these are a departure from reality which includes live-action, fictional programming with human bodies, faces, and voices.

The following list does not include all the quality cartoons out there. Nor is it necessarily for kids. Nor do I claim to have seen or remember every episode.

But here is a collection of escapades that have drawn me in for the past year or so.

In no particular order, let’s keep watching …


Love Death + Robots


Since Netflix likes to (sometimes?) offer a series’ most recent episodes first, I’ve been bouncing between 3 seasons trying to watch them in order. (Not that it matters. They’re not connected. The 16th episode I watched is considered their 3rd. I think. Oops.)

Most of the shorts play out like gory, violent climaxes to full features while simultaneously establishing characters, mood, context, and purpose. Only a few have been disappointing.


Samurai Jack

RATING: PG to MA (looks like the later seasons become more violent)

It’d probably be boring for anyone under 9.


Moral Orel


I was told that the show will begin to depress me. I stopped watching mid-3rd season for that very reason. (But I was really enjoying it.)


Junji Ito Maniac: Japanese Tales of the Macabre


I’ve only watched one episode (which I was told was the best of them).

It was interesting, for sure.




Disney’s 80’s/90’s-movie plots. Might be too slow-moving for the little ones.

(Might be too slow for me, too. After 3 months, I’m only 3 episodes in.)


Batman: The Animated Series


Don’t let them fool you when they pretend season 4 is part of the original series.

And if anyone is bored by anything or think anything is too kiddy, you force them to watch and appreciate (almost) every episode.




The dated openings with creator Todd McFarlane may turn you (or get you to turn it) off. Don’t.

Beautifully crafted throughout (I’m thinking … I haven’t finished it).

If you’re not into the story, mute it and put on your favorite music. (I don’t think pop music would fit.)


Death Note


The best anime and, I think, also for those who are not into anime (like me).

English dubbed or original language. Take your pick. Acting and dialogue are passionate.


Looney Tunes Cartoons (premiered 2020)

RATING: TV-Y7 (some creepy, gross moments)

Once again, the Looney-Tunes crew has returned. This time, the creators are much closer to the original style (and the heart of the original creators).

“Looney Tunes Cartoons” is the official title of the show (run of episodes).


The Cuphead Show!

RATING: TV-Y7 (maybe Y8 or Y9)

I’ve never played the video game. I just like the show.


[NOTE: Our fellow-filmmaker friend has recommended “Gravity Falls.”]

[NOTE: Another fellow-filmmaker friend has recommended “Smiling Friends.”]

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