Dan Jones' Career is Over

Dan Jones’ Career is Over is a time capsule of the late 90’s shot on 16mm – a true, independent film in every sense.


Genre: Biography/Comedy

Rated: PG-13 (off-screen language)


Two aspiring filmmakers, Renny Barris and Dan Jones, realize they must do more than simply talk about movies to make it in the movie business. … Or do they realize that? Watch them search for the break-through, marketable movie idea inside the very movie they consider marketable. And if you’ve heard of it, then they’re one step closer to making it.

Dan Jones’ Career is Over – Full Movie

“That’s me with the movie-guide book wearing a The Shining t-shirt before horror attire. Remember the t-shirt brands Serial Killer or NC-17?”

“That’s co-creator Renny Barris pointing at VHS tapes in his flight suit. Anyone purchase one of his toy planes from Plane Around?”