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I’m sitting here counting my 3D Crunch Chili Cheese Nacho Doritos chips, knowing I’m not a fat guy but aware of my butt in the seat, aware of the second brain (all those neurons in my stomach) and the irksome, physical sensations that remind me of how I used to drink Taco Bell sauce packs with a straw.

Intestinal microbiome, microflora of human small and large intestine, medical concept, 3D illustration

I’m watching Magnus Walker’s TED talk about his gut feelings. Walker claims he never heard of a TED Talk until he was asked to do one. I’d never heard of Walker until I came across his TED talk.

I’m thinking TED talks are watered down and not what they used to be, the alliteration of the event title (i.e., TED talk) annoying me as much as “ta-ta,” “tsk tsk,” and TikTok (the company-movement, not the ticking of a clock).

However, I’m inspired by Walker’s video (as well as the banana that’s coating my stomach spice).

I’m reviewing my personal theory as to why it is ethical to download music from YouTube and convert it through an mp3 site. Personal consensus: because doing this is the same as listening to clips/music on a phone.

(I don’t have a cellphone, and I’m not profiting from the music. So what’s the difference? I don’t have a jack for a CD player in my new car. Nope, I don’t have jack!)

I also see, now really thinking this out, how CD players aren’t a sign of me being behind the times. A CD player is a smaller, portable, vinyl record.

We want big music cylinders in the home but only allow phones to play music in the car? It doesn’t make sense! So, back off, hippies and hipsters! (I’m just joking.)

This isn’t that funny, and I’m not crying through laughter. Not even close. This is an idiotic exaggeration. I may laugh like this if someone lets out gas at an inopportune time.

I’m bored, sitting here. But I’m content with my thoughts.

Movie not recommended.

And I’m sharing this because I’ve found that my comfortableness was hidden inside the cynicism and self-ridicule of sitting and doing nothing. And, now, I’ve uncovered that solace.Sometimes, we have to sit and do nothing. (Although, I did write this during the lackadaisicalness.)

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