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Doc says it was jealousy manifested into unhealthy, vindictive behavior. Only, I’m not jealous to the point of physically hurting anyone. Jealous, sure, I’ll accept that. I mentioned her looks resembling those of Marilyn Monroe once or twice. I teased her is all. Being a night nurse can get boring.

I didn’t make her slip out of bed. I didn’t break the glass. I just set it on the edge of her side table and squeaked my shoes. Nothing as harsh as murder. I never planned to place her in the morgue.

I certainly wouldn’t want to be dead at the age of twenty-two.

Maybe I should just quit this nursing racket and take that flight attendant job.

“She’s taking which flight home?”




Perspective: Night Nurse

Episode: “Twenty-Two”

This work was not prepared, authorized, or endorsed by the creators or producers of “The Twilight Zone” and is a zone of my own creation inspired by “The Twilight Zone” television series.

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