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I’m a black man. I have a job. I’m a servant to a wealthy, white man. He treats me right, so I return the favor. I am not a slave nor an indentured servant.

I’ve been ridiculed for my color by my employer’s children. They have teased me lightly, regularly, revealing their inner-souls. His offspring have ugly faces, to be completely honest. Although they put on their best and try on smiles, honest expressions persist and expose something else.

And this evening, after midnight, they especially had no room to talk about my color, facial features, or inner-being, for every one of them appeared to be wearing horror masks that, to me, matched their insides.




Perspective: Servant

Episode: “The Masks”

This work was not prepared, authorized, or endorsed by the creators or producers of “The Twilight Zone” and is a zone of my own creation inspired by “The Twilight Zone” television series.

Dan Jones

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