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His daughter – beautiful.

Both the dance and the night – radiant.

To be wed.

Souls move to the music.

No second place.

The father knows a good man when he sees one, and –

Hold everything!

The blonde daughter replaced by a dark-haired witch – a beast!

A woman who cannot transform a man’s heart, regardless of how much she changes herself.

The daughter’s father who wants her to win, to be wed, to take care of the man who, seemingly, can’t do much but leave the first lover and shoot the second.

Not with an arrow through the heart, but a shotgun.

The father knows. No matter what or who goes up in smoke, his daughter will at best fix supper for the man too good for Jess-Belle.

Only, is the man good enough for his daughter’s hand?

To be wed?

Second place?




Perspective: Father

Episode: “Jess-Belle”

This work was not prepared, authorized, or endorsed by the creators or producers or musical composers of “The Twilight Zone” and is a zone of my own creation inspired by “The Twilight Zone” television series.

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