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Has anyone heard of such a thing?

Granted, too much TV, watched too often by a lazy husband, is common. I could see that being in the way of a relationship. I could believe such a situation. I could watch that play out on a TV show.

However, a man who is so distracted by words that he has to bring his distracting habit to work is something I can hardly believe.

Reading while on the clock, either way, is not something for which a manager such as myself can stand. A bank teller, especially, shouldn’t fall victim to such childish nonsense. I’m sure his wife is a sensible, kind woman looking out for her husband’s best interests. Because think of the world he’s missing.

His constant reading is probably what warped those eyes of his to the degree of needing fish bowls for eyeglass lenses.

Reading on the clock. I still can’t believe such a character, and such a name, exists. Sneaking away to read in the vault during his lunch break. Time enough at last, he’s probably thinking. Only, he’s in solitude. Until his lunch break and job someday ends, that is.



Perspective: Bank Manager

Episode: “Time Enough at Last”

This work was not prepared, authorized, or endorsed by the creators or producers of “The Twilight Zone” and is a zone of my own creation inspired by “The Twilight Zone” television series.

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