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That’s the note I had for this article entry. Before this prophetic order – because it is self-fulfilling and demeaningly authoritarian, “prophetic” being one of those disorienting words for me like “controversial” or “anticipated,” where there’s a clear conundrum within the word that most seem to accept, which puts me out of sorts, assuming I know what being “in sorts” entails, “entails” being another one, obviously ignoring “conundrum” …

Right (as the Brits say), the above was written post “fix this crap,” proving I’ve decided to trample straight into this one, from the “wild bunch” I’ve presently named my brain …

I think I’m speaking without thinking (what I see as “clearly”), subliminally questioning (myself?) if I’m similar to one of the characters in one of the movies I reference below …

But that’s my own thing, on me, whatever I’m dealing with, deletable …

So (as they say in the states), the original crap article went …


I don’t have a theory here. This commentary could be based on a Covid reaction. That is, a result that’s similar to the thoughts of the entire population. Because of isolation.

 I don’t know. No theory.

 Except … I do wonder …

 Well, Hollywood likes their formulas and algorithms. And this year, they’re suggesting we the people are into yachts and rich trips more than ever.

 So, either, the lower and middle classes are truly having these imaginings about the rich or Hollywood is completely oblivious to the hypocrisy of backing and distributing million-dollar budget movies that tease millionaires. (One can’t happen without the other, though.)

 Whichever the case, let’s not be duped or think anyone’s being humble here. A million is a million.


And then the article went to the movies listed (which we’ll get to). But I still wasn’t sure it was clear what I was saying. Was I making fun of millionaire filmmakers while defending millionaires (or at least, not wanting them bunched into one greed bag)? I think so.

The article was rewritten, perfectly, when my computer decided to eat the letters like a Pac-Man switched to suck (I even tossed in bed trying to get the most basic, poetic description of this, and a sucking Pac-Man was all I got … not my best, but what I’m going with …).

I’m on a time restraint here (another word phrase I don’t get), so read the below list and maybe something will make sense in this crazy world.

Cheers* (as they say in Iran).


Jurassic World: Dominion ($165-185 million)

Message – Let’s coexist (with the corporate-made dinos).

Uncharted ($120 million)

Message – Friends are more important than money (aka, found treasure). A terrible movie chisels this into our apparently-dense heads and overly-priced theater seats.

The Lost City ($68-74 million)

Message – A kind, hot guy is better than a billionaire maniac. (Pretty obvious without the movie, but it was a fun journey.)

Ticket to Paradise ($60 million)

Message – Don’t be so politically correct and culturally inclusive to the point of accidentally promoting sexist ideals, overriding women’s worth. (Or is it that assimilation is fine if you slip into a non-North American culture?)

Message #2 (#3?) – Skip the ending.

Glass Onion: A Knives out Mystery ($40 million)

Message – Don’t value eccentric people unless they … don’t have money. Put plainly, to avoid double negatives: value eccentric people if they don’t have money, and if the eccentrics happen to have money or higher levels of intelligence, they’re not necessarily eccentric in the commendable way we’d like to label eccentrics. (Better if they’re starving artists.) And don’t value art … I think. No, value it, but not over … greed?

The Menu ($30 million)

Message – [INCOMPLETE] [I became frustrated with my own inner-dilemma (who else’s?) where “eat the rich” was more like ouroboros, at which point my computer coincidentally froze a second time and stopped me from working on this article for the rest of the day.]

Triangle of Sadness ($10-15 million)

Message – One should love this movie but won’t because of the ADR (post additional dialogue recording) which diminishes it, and it becomes another in-your-face satire about … [UNFINISHED]

Somewhere around here was another give up on this crap post. That’s when I decided not to finish it and finished it.

[NOTE: Ouroboros has stuck with me and haunted me ever since Adaptation.] [* Do they ever say “cheers” on the TV series “Cheers”? Don’t look it up. I didn’t.]
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