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Man, I’s sure sometime ‘ave me a heck of a time readin’ dem accents an’ apostrophes an’ fun-eh-dick-lee (fuh-net-ik-lee) (phonetically) spelled-out dialex and vern-oculars en all doze books like Jim in Huck Finn by Clemens (Twain) and Joe in Great Expectations by Chuck (Charles) and … that one that had good id-ers but was just so annoyin’. Oh, dat’s right! Pygmy by ‘nother Chuck (who sayz own last name like Paula-nick).

Willy (Faulkner) and Johnny (Steinbeck) isn’t as ‘nnoyin’, that for show. But dem uders jus’ be playin’ wit my nerves like. Nope. Ain’t a fan of its.

Dan Jones

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