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I read two books and watched a movie.

#1 – The protagonist completes a written pros/cons list for her romantic interest.

#2 – The protagonist says we choose a lover, the same lover, every day and that it is a mistake to “need” someone.

#3 – The protagonist/antagonist/anti-hero/flawed human makes valid points against his dating partner about reciprocity and moral principles, never naming these virtues.


I’ve done something kind.

I’ve surprised her.


She is angry.


I feel undervalued.

I’ve made a mistake.

And the gesture, the surprise, angers her.


I feel responsible for her anger.

I’m also surprised … by her anger.


I am undervalued.

I will no longer apply extra kindness toward her or our relationship.


I’ve made a mistake.

In staying?

How I follow through with surprises?

When seeking reciprocity?

By basing our relationship on pros/cons?


I have moral principles and live by them.

Mistakes occur outside of my intention or application.


I do not need her anger.


The pro – the proactive move – has been decided.


I am valuable outside of her recognition.

I am choosing love for myself.

The action to leave her has not been made.


A fallen hero who rises above tragedy tries again.

And she, the love interest, responds in kind.


She will also try.


I cry.


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