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I think about being made fun of. Recently. “I have to go to bed thirsty.” And they laughed at me. I laughed, too, at myself. It’s a funny line. An interesting thought. There’s so much to this, to me. But, to me, there’s not so much to it. To me, it is a simple goal or equation. I drink gallons of water during the day. I am hyper, have a high metabolism, get migraines without H2O. But what an oddball I am for being that way, saying that about bedtime and thirst musts. And we laugh.

I think about my job, and how I help people. How this isn’t rewarding to me. How quality is in the action. If I wasn’t there to guide and support, that something else (like a car tire) would get them there, to where they need to be. I am grateful that I can help, but how can I take credit for all the processes that have come before me to do such a thing?

I think about the Internet deterring me from rereading rereading rereading and publishing my next novel. Because I don’t want to be on a screen or live digitally and, therefore, am not living within art because it’s gone so damn digital.

I think about the Internet helping me when I don’t help myself, when asked where my band is playing. Questioned by a sub shop employee and me not knowing the name of the festival at which we are playing this June 11th. How I don’t advertise. How that becomes my fault because of the ease of the taunting Internet access and notifications (we are also playing tonight at the Best Damn Bar & Grill in Lincoln Park, MI).

I think about those who succeed. Those who don’t give up. The way I can pitch my life story as a failure or a success, depending on the inflection and sprucing.

I think about friends who read this site, unbeknownst to me. Who I didn’t think did. Who I didn’t think had the time. Who I didn’t think cared.

I think what I’m doing is sometimes all right. And that’s all right with me.

I think you could think that, too. About me? No. About yourself?

I think so.

Dan Jones

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