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What if we lived in a world where the majority of people listened to songs about consuming mind-altering substances (i.e., drugs, alcohol), fighting (for our rights or with someone), and sex (and love)?

Our instincts – when baseline, physiological survival responses weren’t manipulated (dulled or overstimulated) by substances – would be displayed, presented, and exploited in every tune.

The age-old question “What is the meaning of life?” would be lost in the overabundance of life melodies.

What if our conversations no longer involved sharing information for the good of society because the answers were at our finger-button tips?

Our instincts would exist strictly for individualistic needs, and if not sufficed, we’d have to forcibly take from our neighbors.

What if there were screen monitors at our job, in our home, and on our person?

Our instincts, when physiological survival responses weren’t dulled by projected screens, would have to reestablish the world each and every time the screens were off.

What if there were cameras watching us around every-other corner?

Our instincts would no longer include awareness of the outside world.

What if we received our information and enjoyment on tap?

Our instincts, our physiological survival responses, would become useless and never arise.

We’d die both affected and unaffected.


Dan Jones

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