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So what’s your … problem?

Where do I begin?

At the beginning.

I always like that, however, I don’t think I agree. Not now.

So not always.

I guess not. Not now, anyway.

Why is that? What makes you say that?

I make me say that, because starting at the beginning or beginning with the beginning puts me in the now right now, and I’m told to stick to the now in order to see what’s bothering me, so my beginning is now as opposed to telling of a beginning back whenever.

That’s still a beginning.

I see. Yes. Okay. Right now, this moment, isn’t last night, right?


Right now isn’t the yelling I just did. Right now isn’t even my decision to do self-therapy. Right now is the work. Not the distraction. I’m dealing with it and through it right now.

How’s this self-therapy working … right now?

It’s slowly helping. I don’t know why, and I don’t know that I want to analyze it. Yes, actually, right now, I do wish to analyze self-therapy. Firstly, I’m enjoying my thoughts, because I’m smart. Secondly, I don’t have to wonder if I sound arrogant. And, thirdly, I’m sure I don’t and that I’m not. I, instead, sound smart and witty. If I went back and read what I’ve written, that I’d thought I’d sounded smart, it would bother me, because that doesn’t sound smart but, instead, arrogant. But that’s how I feel right now. Not later. I like my words, and I’m entertained by these two characters.

Are these two not you?

You mean, you and me?


Well, no. Not really. Not at all, really.

What about you?

Am I me?


I guess. But I don’t talk like this, not exactly. It’s a little too scripted for my taste.

Because it’s a script.

Yeah. I guess so. So am I escaping?

A little. But I’d say more channeling, like you said. You’re not avoiding.

Okay. That’s good.

And is it good? Your now, right now?

Yes. I feel much better now.

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