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I don’t know, man, lately I’m just feeling some kind of way,

Do I have to tell someone how I get through the good and bad days?

Like this?

‘Cause something’s different than me staying out of the way,

That I might … well …

The other night, I felt alone …

The other night, I came home from work and started to talk, talk, talk, talk, and talk,

Maybe we could make plans or go for a walk,

As I got closer and into the light,

I found we had pulled apart,

Me in the dark.


All our times were not a waste,

I’m with our past,

Not so fast.


Returning home, back again, like I never left,


A repeat of the same …


Only, I wasn’t playin’,

Not the fool,

But a fool,

Unaware, forgot to care, not there.


All our times, lost in haste,

Pictured our paste,

Will it outlast?


Because she was on the phone,

And I didn’t even know,

But she was on the phone,

And I didn’t even notice.


Knowing I’m not alone,

Breathing but out of the zone,

Don’t mention being plugged in,

Dimensions – did they begin?


Because I’m now all alone,

I didn’t even notice,

Outside from the home,


Back again, like never left, but ran away.

Dan Jones

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