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Men are angry more often than women. Right? That’s not a statement. It’s also not me asking, “Men are angry more often than women?” Because that sounds … toxic? Hyper-masculine? No. More know-it-all-y.

Actually, I think I’m saying/asking if/getting us on the same page that men are angrier than women. I’m trying to get a consensus here. A starting point. Not to argue the opposite.

I’ve been thinking about this. I agree that men respond with anger and women cry, generally speaking.

Women are more emotional. Which is a good thing. Can be. Can inspire everyone to get in touch with their feelings.

Men break more stuff more often than women, generally speaking. Which is a bad thing. Can be (if one does do that).

We also need to be inspired to fight. To be mad. To allow the anger while not allowing it to get out of hand.

We also need to be emotional and express thems feelings as best we cans.

My thinking – not questioning, not pussyfooting (which is a cat-caution metaphor) – is that women express just as much anger as men.

Yeah, I know. You’re not impressed by my mansplaining (which is a thing, and also something I’m not currently doing, because I’m merely questioning and applying my own words to discover … ugh, I’m pussyfooting for sure right now … and is there a better way to spell that? … not “pussyfooting,” but “mansplaining” … because there’s no “s” in “explain” … and “ex” doesn’t even rhyme with “man” … but I kind of like the word …)

I’m aware of comedians who’ve said something similar about women being trickier or more conniving or more destructive during couple battles. Hardy ha, ha. (Genuinely pretty funny, some of those bits. Not against women. And don’t even use the “punching down” phrase, because that makes the other sound indefinitely higher … ugh … I hate this period in time …)

My observation, if I may have one without an opinion or a soapbox or mansplaining italics, is that the women I know have responded emotionally, yes, but with whopping amounts of anger (when anger is warranted and common to how most – men, women, gorillas – would react).

That’s it. Men and women are different in many ways. They are also the same in many ways.

My new thought is simply that I haven’t noticed (until now) how angry women (the many I know) can get. They may not smash as many things as a guy or do it with macho machismo in mind (yeah, I doubled up on that one), but the ego’s been messed with. The vulnerability or insecurity or fed-upness happened. The unfairness or incompetency was too much.

So … cool. I’m comforted by this observation, for whatever reason.

Men need to cool down.

Women need to cool down, too.

It’s an equal thing that’s not choosing a side in the beginning. (That’s the point. I just got it.)

I mean, hell, don’t you get it?! It’s, really, not that difficult!


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