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I’ve removed a couple of videos from my Youtube account.

I don’t like saying “my Youtube account.” It’s not really mine. It’s Youtube’s. And it’s yours (if you’re a viewer).

I suppose I view it, too. And I posted the videos. But they’re not really videos. They are, technically, but they’re merely recordings of guitar-playing moments.

Yes, okay, I chose to sit in front of the camera. But a cheap computer camera. With a cheap computer mic. I bring this up to show how much I don’t care about the quality. I care about the moment. I care about you, the viewer (if you are one), but not enough about my image to get all glamorous.

Yes, alright, I pressed record. Yes, I did a few takes. I posted it. I know what I’m doing when I do these things. And I know what I’m doing right now – making excuses because I feel common. Inferior. Unoriginal.

Why am I feeling that way? Because I post videos?


That’s a thing, you know. We all want to feel different. Be different. They do studies, and someone who mentions studies, for example, and says things like “for example” may feel common and average and will then defend his uniqueness (let’s keep the example a male instead of being all inclusive, since I’m speaking about a particular person … that is me).

Okay, we get it. You (I) have deleted some videos. But what was on them?

I can answer that.

They were of me being inquisitive about camera glitches. The weirdness of the world. Physics and all that about which we don’t fully understand. Dark matter or living in a digital world or something super, duper deep.

The one video was less than 50 seconds. The other was around 12 seconds (and up for only 3 days).

My idea to keep the captured phenomena on my site turned out to be nothing more than craptured moments. To be more technical and analogously fluent, the idea was like a black hole. Or a rabbit hole (to be less anal-o-whatever). A toilet bowl hole of uninteresting crap (to be accurately anal-o-whatever), where I was having to be reminded of me recording myself.

The point of putting them up in the first place wasn’t to be self-indulgent but to have evidence of the glitch world. But I think loud noises make cameras glitch. So, problem solved. I removed the videos.

Lastly, why would I write about the videos and still come across as self-indulgent and unoriginal?

So I can shamelessly tell you to watch the most recent guitar-playing video I posted. To jam with me, to pique your interest, to get you to come to a live show.

Yes, consider yourself (and myself) thought-provoked.

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