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These are not necessarily recommendations but movies I slightly or mostly enjoyed at some point. Just watch these instead of searching on a streaming service or going along with algorithm recommendations. Because why not?

Rope – Hitchcock. One location. Script and performances are everything here (even though it’s supposed to be all about the camerawork/editing).

Dope – I was only going to say this was Tony Revolori’s early work right after The Grand Budapest Hotel and bring up my own curiosity about where he’s going with his career and ask you if you think he’s got something to offer or not, but I also have to mention Shameik Moore, since I thought he did not get the credit he deserved as a new actor but see that he’s – yes, make fun of me – the voice behind Miles in the new Spider-Man Spider-Verse movies.

(In my defense, I try not to look up voice actors to keep the cartoons alive.)


Nope – Nope. (For some reason, I had fun watching this. Never liked it a bit, though.)

Pope – Not a movie.

Soapdish – I used to like this one a lot. I wonder if it’s dated. A great group of actors. A screenplay-driven movie.

The Two Popes – Okay. This isn’t one word. I thought it was called Pope. [See Pope above.]

Honestly, I wrote this article to rhyme the first four titles. No other reason. Hope Springs (2012) is, unfortunately, two words. And The Help obviously doesn’t rhyme.

Also, Pope (The Two Popes) was supposed to segue into The Wife since both star Jonathan Pryce.

The Wife – Stars Glenn Close.

Husbands – Directed by John Cassavetes. Familiarize yourself with his work and then you can justify your hate or love or mixed feelings for him. (That’s him on the right.)

Doubt – Another screenplay-driven movie with holy performances.

Shout – Not a movie.

Stomp – What I thought was the title for Shout.

C.H.O.M.P.S. – Remember this one?! Robot dog! (I actually wanted C.H.U.D. but that doesn’t rhyme with Doubt or Shout.)


Klute – Also doesn’t rhyme with Doubt or Shout. (What is the deal with me and rhyming in this article? Shout’s not even a movie! Why is it italicized?) Jane Fonda’s personality seeps through and ruins her character and extremely believable therapy scenes. I want to think she’s one of the most important actresses of her (our?) generation, but she and Daddy (Henry) usually bother me. Brother Peter, I simply never cared for as an actor.

Moving on.

Moving On – Hey! Jane Fonda! But I’ve never seen it. I actually meant …

Moving – I thought this title had an exclamation point at the end.

Stomp the Yard – Has nothing to do with anything and not worth watching. Just stop.

Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot – Definitely not a recommendation, but the title used to interest me because it had a punctuation in the middle, yet, not at the end.




Mama Mia!

That Thing You Do!

Mars Attacks!


No, that’s me saying, “Enough!” Some of those aren’t even one-word titles! Although, Avanti! is on my list (in my queue).

Enough – For some reason, one night, this movie was a guilty pleasure. And, no, it wasn’t J Lo’s hairdo.


[NOTE: Segue is spelled S-E-G-U-E, as you can see. I’m reminding writers/readers because it’s a tough one to spell because of dumb Segway. Yeah, I had to look up the spelling for the millionth time! Jerks!]
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