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Last year, a short fictional story was published under the category of short fiction. The ingenuity and urgency behind its relevance, or the relevance of its urgent message, was that it depicted a future. A science-fiction tale not about the abuse of words but a caution regarding the obliteration of powerful words. The story began: “Last year, a story was published about the word perpetuate. Today, perpetuate is considered a curse, a hateful label, and it is the first illegal word.”

This article purposely began with “last year.” The purposeful use is purposely addressed to avoid anything that could be considered as a perpetuation, since use of the word’s nonuse is the only legal means of mentioning its existence.

“Perpetuate” and any known form of the word has become the first illegal term, written or spoken, because it dismisses and/or negates ownership of prejudice responses.

For example, to say a freedom-of-speech and advocating form of propaganda denouncing racism perpetuates the very racist response it wishes to destroy, consequently, destroys the message and the freedom of disliking and/or wanting to rid the world of hateful racism.

Therefore, racism and any other form of prejudice will continue infinitely due to the deletion of the opinionated basis of the word perpet


[This article has been ceased by the World Governors but not ultimately removed, abiding by the universally-recognized freedom-of-words law. This article should also be considered a fictional story in the present and not an opinion nor affiliated with any politically-charged belief regarding misleading or ill-advised advocation against any parties.]
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