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[Note: This is not a new song but was the first song I wrote after taking a fairly long break from playing piano every day. It was also the first simple-chord song I’d ever written. The recording is new and the only one I’ve done.]


So, my song begins in C,

Goes up this way in D,

Go back again to see,

This time sing in G.


That’s that way I feel,

The way I’ll play.


I’ve again come back to see,

But this time I’m going down,

Although, I’m coming up.


Please, don’t judge me.

Please, don’t judge me.

Please, don’t judge me.

That’s just the way I’ve played today.


Today, I’ll sing about,

My whole life figured out,

But that would take all day,

And there’s no way I could play.


That’s why I’m back to here,

That’s why I’m always here.

Dan Jones

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