1-take audio recordings of 2-piece band

BAND: That is Joe This is Dan

ALBUM: To Pieces


SONG: Silence in Spring

“The blondies – my kids – were assisted and supported by their lady-friend groupies off camera.”

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SONG: Supposed to be Nice this Time of Year

“Joe Doute – the drummer/star – refused to drink the pool water.”

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SONG: Heated

“Thanks to the townspeople for boogying to no music.”

“Camera – Renny Barris of Dan Jones’ Career is Over.”

“Remember, the video’s in reverse. So, at the end, that’s me throwing my guitar.”

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SONG: It’s a Treat

“A Day in the Life of a Dog.”

“In memory of Keyser Soze Jones.”

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SONG: Come Plain

“Even though this video made perfect sense to me at the time, I still couldn’t help pulling out my hair.”

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Family Fun, Professionally Done

TITLE: Under the Umbrella

PLOT: A son defies his angry father.

TITLE: On the Prowl

PLOT: A high schooler goes on a stroll only to be stalked.

“The best way to manage family boundaries is to explore them in the movies.”

TITLE: The Bags

PLOT: Townspeople are attacked by bags.

“Parody/homage to Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds”

“Written by myself and my kids. (My idea – swish pan from the toy diner to front door. Son’s idea – flip onto his back. Daughter’s idea – eat credit cards.)”

TITLE: And the Job is Yours

PLOT: A job interview with post-it notes.

“My daughter came to me with a full script and ready to direct. She hired me on as an actor and creative consultant.”

TITLE: The Six Cents

PLOT: Parody of “The Sixth Sense”

“My daughter put in painstakingly accurate work only to ask me not to post it.”

TITLE: Infomercial for Dish Wash Clothes Wash Machine

PLOT: Infomercial

“Once again, my daughter hired me as an actor. This time for a school project.”