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[My plan is to write this in less than 5 minutes without correcting.]


This morning, I almost had a relapse after ten years. As Justin Long’s character in The Sasquatch Gang says, “Don’t you worry ‘bout how,” even though I’m saying, “Don’t you worry about what the relapse is from or over.” I’m not sure I know how to use “relapse” in a sentence, I’m realizing. But it could be a relapse … with (through?) having French fries from McDonald’s.

Recommended to me by fellow-filmmaker friend

The reason for you to consider yourself Thought-Provoked is because I made it through by reaching out. That support system you’re always hearing about. Finding laughter in sadness.

My movie recommendation would almost be Joshy, although, there’s a big trigger warning at the beginning. Perhaps, have a friend watch the opening credit sequence for you. I don’t say, “Seriously,” in conversation, but I’m being serious. Seriously.

Yes, the reason for this article is to let everyone know about your affliction or pain or relapse that you’re going through (going through a relapse?).

I want my family and friends to know about my hospitalization. That I need closer friends. That I’m worthy of it.

Thank you.

Thank you.

[Finished in 5. Another day. Another article.] [An addition to this article, a week later, is to emphasize that I highly recommend Joshy and appreciate the recommendation from my fellow-filmmaker friend.]


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