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[Article title does not request anyone to post info about the concert since the event has passed.]


[Alternate title “Concert Post” would imply this is a post for the concert, which it is not, since the event has passed.]


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That is Joe This is Dan (the band I’m in with Joe) recently had a gig. I was there. I’m in the band. My name is Dan. (His name is Joe. He was also there.)

As Joe and I (the members of the band) broke down the drums and stacked the pieces in the back of his (Joe’s) truck, a concert goer approached us and adamantly disagreed with my review of Cruella. She stated the movie wasn’t overrated, as I’d written, but great. (I’m paraphrasing.)

I appreciate all comments. Especially this concert goer’s closing zinger: “Your music is awesome, but your movie reviews suck.” (paraphrasing)

I have a theory that every movie should be seen three times. The worst movies don’t have to be, and the best may surprise you by shifting from brilliant to slightly boring. But if you can, if you want to take the time, you should go for it. The movie will sit differently in your mind with each of the three viewings, which makes the 3X rule worth it. Hence the word “should.” (That’s a moronic word and makes my theory bogus. But I’m not going to tell you that you have to do anything. Should I change the phrasing of the theory?)

Of course, overtime, people change. Movies can become timeless, dated, worthless, or renewed according to the moment it’s watched. But Cruella is a fairly recently-released movie and will fall into the 3X rule quite nicely.

So, concert goer, I’ll return to Cruella, fully aware how the second viewing (different from the initial impression) will involve overanalyzing. (The third time acting as a reset button, forcing open mindedness simultaneous to the familiarity of the movie’s content.)

And thanks for attending our show. I’m sure Joe (the drummer) will post future events on Facebook or something.

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