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Won’t you open the door?
I’ve been waiting for centuries,
And I refuse to wait anymore,
Remove that God-like staff – that’s the key,
And you’ll meet me,
I’ll be fine out roaming the streets,
Don’t you worry about that,
Now, lift the latch, maybe stand back,

For I am the Devil,
The Satan in us all,
You knew there was something wrong,
Live like hell,
Admit we all belong.

I want to sneer as I stalk around,
But I’m disgusted by facades of underground,
Monsters – beasts of false safety,
I can’t watch,
Fearful friends,
They’ll break me!

Put me back, lock me up,
Your world’s lost – ironically,
Put me back, lock me up,
Your world’s lost – something wickedly.

Why’d you open the door?
You should have left me, or just tried to ignore,
Your smiles are the stuff of nightmares,
False-teeth scares,
Never again open that door,
From your former landlord.

Dan Jones

Author Dan Jones

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