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I read a classic novel that said “pick-a-back” instead of “piggyback.”

My wife and I wondered if the term came from a game. My mother attempted to correct me. Others were not very interested.

Google has since become collectively wiser than everyone I know, but its recording and re-recording of history quickly became disinteresting and crushed my interest in my own memory. (Is Google a tool if it doesn’t extend a human’s mind, abilities, and innovation but, instead, quickly contracts the reach?)

Look up the origin of the word “pick-a-back” if you like. The information will probably revolve around how we used to ride on shoulders and backs. And we used to carry bundles (instead of backpacks). But there was never a pig involved.

I’m sharing this because it’s an example of where our minds can go and how they expand when reading a novel (that you may entirely forget later on) as opposed to searching Google.

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