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I was going to write a PART 2 to my jog-stretching-and-people-minding-their-own-business-article, but I’ve realized something.

We instinctively avoid danger (to survive, to continue procreating for the good of our species) before we help one in need (unless that person were the sole survivor, to procreate on our behalf).

Therefore, people aren’t idiots for not recognizing my awkward stretches as a modern limber-man thing, but probably first notice the thinning on my chrome dome and want to make sure I’m not having a heart attack. (The thinning would be our instinctive observation, wanting to stay away from diseased individuals … for the good of our species and that chance to procreate every chance we get.)

[NOTE: Part 2 to “How Dare You People” is coming soon.]
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