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I was going to write about my mistake I made and do a retraction for my Cartoon Cartoon! article but instead wrote this too-long UNarticle because there’s more to it.

See, I had questioned myself, not remembering if our fellow-filmmaker friend had recommended “Spectacular Spider-Man” (2008) or a different Spider-Man cartoon and found he didn’t recommend “Spider-Man” at all. He recommended “Iron Man: Adventures.”

I’ve since corrected the article but had originally questioned if I’d differentiated that Spider-Man cartoon from others, not remembering which version was on Netflix. But discovering which was the correct Spider-Man cartoon was never the case because I’d watched the first two episodes of “Iron Man.” Not “Spider-Man”!

When I went back to watch episode three, did I not remember that it was an entirely different show and character? Did I attempt to rewatch the first two episodes, not knowing I’d switched to “Spider-Man”? Or did I initially give up when I realized “Iron Man” was no longer available on Netflix and only thought I’d gone to an entirely different superhero show?

I don’t know. I don’t remember. I’ve differentiated to the point of … disassociating.

Please, Spider-Man, Iron Man, somebody! Make this right!

Help me, Disney+. You’re my only hope.

[NOTE: This is NOT an endorsement for Disney or the new crappy “Star Wars” stuff. Both of these shows are on there, is all.] [To be clear, no one suggested “Spectacular Spider-Man.”] [Wait, now Maybe I’ll do a retraction for this.]
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