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I was going to write an article questioning if I should make another movie, wondering if my ideas fit in with the world, knowing I’ve never cared about fitting in (or the world or the Earthlings who inherently need to judge their own tastes and accomplishments in their current space and time) but decided most of the movies I’ve been brushing up on (courtesy of Quinten Tarantino’s non-fiction Cinema Speculation) are forgotten and/or bad.

So I can basically do whatever I want.

Get out of the confines and rigidness of my own head.

Have a visual record of some interesting ideas.

No one’s going to see them anyway.

The movie can also be terrible and could one day be mentioned by one of the most revered directors ever.

(Okay, I won’t throw some crap together and call it a movie like Dogma, but the point is that I could if I wanted. And so can you.)

[NOTE: Dogma is from director Kevin Smith. Couldn’t pass up the reference.]


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