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I was going to write an article describing my irritation with comedians either pushing the politically-correct envelope, or being overly politically correct, or just straight-up obnoxious with vulgarities, but I’m tired of complaining and will instead share a Groucho Marx quote from the “Grouchy” chapter of The Groucho Letters: “Freedom of speech is one thing, but these gents are overdoing it. And when I say ‘gents,’ this is where most of them should be doing their act.”

I was also going to write an article about Mike Birbiglia’s Netflix comedy special “The Old Man & the Pool” but it was only going to say one word. And that word is “Yes.”

[NOTE: “Yes,” means “watch it because it’s really good.” His special isn’t as brilliant as “Bo Burnham: Inside” but probably as life changing.]
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