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I was going to add to UNarticle #27 but instead will reference it: the P word “almost always” defines the thing as being P itself. However, this is not “always” true of the work (movie, novel, etc.).

The Taste of Things is an example of this, for the P word is used but does not define the nearly-perfect (if not perfect) movie. (I mean, that’s my humble – humble? – opinion.)

NOTE 1: The P word takes us down a rabbit hole but may also be synonymous with paradox and purgatory. And I’m thinking I should never have mentioned it in UNarticle #27.

NOTE 2: There’s going to eventually be a Secrets story that’s going to be a throwback/callback/lookback to UNarticle #27. And I’m wondering if this second note, me mentioning it, is P.

NOTE 3: Mentioning P-ness has to sometimes be done to bring awareness to it.

NOTE 4: Not sure if Note 3 is correct.

NOTE 5: The P word is terrible. (See Note 1-5.)

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