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I was going to add a part two to the Thought Provoked article about satellite radio but am just going to say that Howard Stern was right. (And some other stuff.)

One morning, on one of his two satellite radio stations, he was complaining about how much he hated Paramount + because of some sound feature on that particular streaming service. No one (callers, his team) was able to get to the bottom of what was going on. Howard’s bottom line, however, was that Paramount+ sucks. The previews, the programs, the movie options …

So about a week later, I get Paramount+ for one month (and planned to cancel it afterwards) to watch Nathan Fielder’s and Benny Safdie’s (and underrated Zellner Brothers’, who direct 3 episodes) “The Curse.” I also knew I’d knock some A24 movies off my list.

I was unaware that Tim Robinson’s earlier show “Detroiters” was on there. Bonus! Some good laughs. Not as weird or funny as “I Think You Should Leave,” but watch it. (I mean, we got to stop taking ourselves and life so seriously. I even bought myself a De2troit shirt to represent a terrible idea.)

But here’s the point: an episode of “Detroiters” begins with silence. The theme song that’s supposed to follow is missing. Is this a bizarre joke? Because it could maybe work.

No. A karaoke scene begins with no background music. The ambient sound is … off. No joke. (And no joke.)

The Dolby/Stereo feature changed only within the streaming service. For no reason. Paramount+ is the only one doing this on this evening.

Yeah, Howard. Paramount+ sucks.

(But not “The Curse.” That doesn’t suck at all.)

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