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I was going to write something about misused phrases or even axioms and postulates but just want to say that I never knew “up and at ’em” was … wait, can you guess it?

Yeah. I thought it was “Adam.” I mean, we don’t know about so many of these sayings. Or we don’t know what they really mean or where they came from. I thought it was an order to get going and to be like a dude named Adam or something. I don’t know.

Fine, I’m a moron. At least I got that it meant to get off your heinie and get going but … ha, butt …

Anyway. It has nothing to do with a name. Just slang inside of slang (because you got ’em in place of them).

NOTE: I became aware by reading it in a book. So read. A lot.

NOTE: Heinie? Is that from behind? Your hind end or something? Words are weird.

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