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I was going to write an article entitled “Barry, Barry Good, but not Great” to specify what I do and don’t enjoy about the HBO series “Barry,” but decided an entire article is unnecessary (especially two days before what should be the series finale).

Besides, it’s pretty simple …

-All stories are screen-time worthy and don’t feel like fillers or setups apart from the mob stories (which is, unfortunately, a good third of the show’s running time).

-The exposure of the television/movie industry is original and satirically satisfying.

-The performances and character arcs are impeccable and never false. (Editorial decisions, however, sometimes feel TV cute).

-Moments are Coen-brother-esque without feeling disingenuous.

-Every episode has a visually-stylish segment and/or places an intriguing puzzle piece.

-The overall execution resembles a cross between David Lean and Vince Gilligan but is, really, its own flavor (a Barry-berry?).

NOTE: Did you see Bill Hader’s bit part in Beau is Afraid? Was that his idea or director Ari Aster’s? A comedic genius moment either way. Add it to Hader’s contribution to moving moments. (Not that his work is great. Ugh! Just read this.)



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