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Below includes a couple days in my life of movies.

Search, watch, hate, enjoy.


Library – looking up Possession. Starring Sam Neill. Recommended by Wayne (a fellow-midnighter eccentric I’d fairly-recently met who’d claimed to be escaping his trivial life till morning, not aware of what city he had ventured into).

Possession – directed by Andrzej Zulawski (apparently a violent filmmaker). I cannot obtain this movie from the library or anywhere else. A fellow movie man may be able to acquire a streaming version for us to view.

Midnight interaction with Wayne took place in a nearly-empty parking lot after the two of us had viewed Men with one other audience member (who had walked out during the last fifteen minutes). Wayne owned a rusty van, from which I quickly stepped away during our disorienting conversation.

Men – directed by Alex Garland (Ex Machina – good / Annihilation – bad).

Mentally reviewing Men (and that troubling conversation with Wayne).

Comparing Men to Crimes of the Future, disliking both films. More intrigued by the style and pacing of the former.

Walked out of Crimes of the Future (we’ll get back to that).

Mentally comparing Wayne conversation with conversation I had with another stranger – the only other audience member during my second viewing of Crimes of the Future.

Crimes of the Future – directed by David Cronenberg (A Dangerous Method, The Fly, Naked Lunch, Scanners).

The Crimes-of-the-Future stranger was a ten-foot tall Cronenberg fan in a straw hat. Few teeth. Looked like he was in the middle of a Jurassic Park reenactment excursion. Said he wouldn’t had seen the film had he been aware of the extreme gore but was glad he did. I smiled not revealing my own opinion (nor my full set of teeth), for I knew about the gore and felt the few pain/pleasure scenes were purposeful, yet, ineffective and over exaggerated by the press (the press constantly going gaga over Cannes Film Festival upsets where people walk out, pass out, or puke).

Cannes Film Festival gag-reflex – The House that Jack Built, Raw, Only God Forgives, Irréversible (2002), Antichrist, The Killing of a Sacred Deer, and many more (some of these directors creating repeat upsets which, according to the definition of an “upset” or a surprise, makes no sense).

Walking out of The Brown Bunny (2003) was completely, objectively, justified. (I rented it.)

Walkouts can occur because of the shock or disgust in the poor filmmaking itself. For some, walking out during one of the last scenes of Men is warranted (as is leaving Mystery Men during its climax, as did I and fellow movie goers during its original theatrical run).

Not glad I returned to the theater to finish Crimes of the Future. (Left the first time out of boredom. Received a refund. Another day, slipped in to watch the second half, which was still not worth my time or future. Very cable-movie like.)

Watching Fantastic Planet on HBO Max. Intriguing. More so than Cronenberg’s recent imagination and way beyond the minimal creativity behind certain artists (example: Guillermo del Toro’s over-glorified monsters).

Here are some of del Toro’s unremarkable creatures – Pacific Rim, Mimic, The Shape of Water, Hell Boy (I and II).

Unenthused by “Reacher” Amazon series (recommended to me by coworker).

Despise imbecilic everythings of Netflix Spiderhead.






After walking out of Everything Everywhere All at Once, I learned directors Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert were responsible.

The two Dans also directed Swiss Army Man.

Scheinert directed The Death of Dick Long solo style.

Previously accepted their weirdness.

Wonder if my change in approval was an example of quality vs. subjectivity vs. objectivity.

Give Everything Everywhere another try.

Uh-ugh. Movie is contrived and has a torturous hyperbolic message. Ending after ending after ending after – End already!

Ricky Gervais in his new Netflix special “Supernature” accurately sums up “subjectivity.”

Everyone should watch that instead of reading this fragmented article/list.

“Cup Head” episodes more entertaining than Lightyear.

Curious what divides animated movies from live-action. (What factors led Lightyear to become an animated project?)

Look up if there’s a reason the Pixar shorts have stopped accompanying theatrical releases (ever since Toy Story 4).

Don’t find answers. Bored during Internet search.

Realize (again) Pixar has departed from creative masterpieces ever since … The Good Dinosaur?

Turn off Turning Red (would have walked out, had it not been on Disney+ and stopped with a click of the button).

Impressed by Chained for Life (streaming) – an actual piece of art, as a movie, as something different. Similar to Robert Altman and/or Richard Linklater and/or Whit Stillman.

Altman – MASH, Short Cuts, Gosford Park

Linklater – Before Sunrise, Boyhood

Stillman – Metropolitan

Chained for life came up during my search for Under the Skin actor Adam Pearson to see if he’d done anything else. (Read his bio on Wow.)

Aware “Righteous Gemstones” objective quality comes down to directing – Jody Hill (good) vs. David Gordon Green (bad). (Because you don’t know who’s responsible until the episode ends. That’s objective, right?)

Stop watching second season because had enough of poor quality takeover (also wonder if original-creator vibes are always what sticks to a show since Danny McBride was my all-time favorite writer/director of “Gemstones” until one of his lame episodes in the second season).

Wonder if my criticisms are lazy but don’t care enough to make specific comments or annotations to elaborate on my opinions (very self-serving, self-gratifying, and self-sabotaging of me).

Critical discussions with current Red Dragon DVD viewers who see it as overrated. I tend to hold it as a solid Hollywood movie based on a genius book/concept (author Thomas Harris’ incredibly psychological creepiness surpassing most of today’s shock-value crappiness).

“Courage the Cowardly Dog” – the complete series on DVD as a father’s day gift.

First season of “Johnny Bravo” (another dad gift).

Official Competition – two times at the theater. Best movie of the year. These are great filmmakers who respect and mock art through movies.

Official Competition directed by Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat / written by Andrés Duprat – The Distinguished Gentlemen (4X4 and My Masterpiece are interesting solo films by the directors).

Now, I’m going to return to the fantasy novel Touch by Elmore Leonard (one of the worst novels by one of the best authors).

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