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“What are your plans this weekend?”

I don’t have any. The next person I speak to, forty-five minutes later …

“You got anything going on tonight?”

I do not. I may not do anything. I stand here. I hardly move for the next half an hour and may continue that for the next few days.


He also asks if I am attending an event or setting time aside for leisure. I wonder if he’s thinking of inviting me to something. He does not ask me to join him at his lake house. I don’t speak for one-hundred and forty minutes, forty-one …

“Do you play poker?”

Is she going to ask me to come along and play card games with her husband? She does not. Three hours after hearing about her weekend activities …

“So what’s your break look like?”

I’m not sure. He tells me he’s thinking of visiting his cousin. Taking a plane. Expensive, he says, but it’d be worth it. He may have sex and throw axes.

“Have you? Or … You ever been?”

I’m thinking of throwing axes at something despite that exchange being over an hour ago and from a different person. I’m not sure what he’s asking. I’m not positive if I’m the one he’s questioning. I say, “No,” just in case.

“Almost there.”

I look at the clock. She’s right. Two minutes and the day is over. Work hours will be completed. I wonder if I should stay here, at the amusement park, and not go home.

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