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‘Nowadays, you miss a movie at the theater, and you wait for a streaming release date to post. In the meantime, you check the critics’ metascore (and maybe Metacritics) and Rotten Tomatoes’ rotten system of rating (system = whatever’s in fashion today will be fresh tomorrow, which makes no sense).

We’re in limbo. A non-viewing state. And the technology isn’t exactly helping. We’re somewhere between illegally downloaded DVDs and watching bootlegs on YouTube before they’re taken down or no longer projecting onto your neighbor’s backyard screen.

Tired of waiting and checking streaming platforms for newly released movies, I remembered the Redbox option – DVDs available inside of a giant red box sitting outside your local CVS or grocery store. Low prices. Easy to pick up and drop off.

Here are my 5 nights of movie rentals:

Let Him Go is the only one I recommend (and was the only one I’d already seen at the theater). When there were video rental stores, I’d try to rent every movie I’d seen at the theater a second time for a different experience. In this case, it’s watching a quality movie twice.

Kajillionaire – Director Miranda July’s other two films are just as odd and very good. Here, the good is not beautifully awkward but awkwardly executed.

Irresistible confirmed Jon Stewart is a highly intelligent person, yet, a poor director. The rental was, however, worth the $1.80 because of Steve Carell’s hilariousness and a decent wrap-up.

Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar is extremely UNfunny. The characters should have been enough to drive the film (like The Brothers Solomon). Instead, Kristen Wigg does her own rendition of a nauseating-to-look-at-Will-Farrell-Mike-Myers type villain. (The trailer’s historically hysterical.)

Chris Rock, normally believable, gives a treacherous performance and wears a sourpuss facial expression identical to mine when I pout.

Spiral is almost worth buying to put alongside great horrible movies like The Happening and Batman (1966) but too gross to continually stomach.

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