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My favorite movie of all time is A Christmas Story.

It used to be It’s a Wonderful Life (followed by Taxi Driver).

(To give an idea of the back-and-forth, deranged-to-wholesomeness style of my top twenty, A Clockwork Orange is 4th.)

A Christmas Story hasn’t made its way to the top because of nostalgia or holiday cheer, but flawlessness, uniqueness, and pure joy. Everything every movie tries to encapsulate (an engaging story, realistic acting, original cinematography, genuineness, tears, laughter, inspiration, hope, the perfect ending). The best of the best just happens to be in a Christmas movie.

The Christmas-Eve/Christmas-Day, 24-hour television broadcasting of A Christmas Story has not diminished my enjoyment of the modern classic, however, it has often stopped me from playing my own copy and has me waiting all through December to enjoy the film.

From 1974-1994, people grew tired of It’s a Wonderful Life back when its copyright had lapsed and all stations ran it (into the ground).

Many older folks say they can no longer watch “I Love Lucy” due to the years of constant reruns. “Seinfeld” has also fallen to a place of irritation with common folk. (I can’t wait until the Americanized “The Office” gets to that point. Sorry. Not a fan.)

Which brings me to my point: the holiday movie marathons on so many stations have gotten me humbugging, growing sick of some of my favorite films. And that’s not a jolly feeling. (For example, Jingle All the Way was once  a private family secret. I hope Just Friends doesn’t become mainstream.)Just Friends - Wikipedia

So, my suggestion is to find those forgotten Christmas cartoons, movies, and episodes. Or maybe just something with snow in the general area.

“Ziggy’s Gift”

“The Looney Tunes” episodes where characters starve in a cabin and picture each other as turkeys.

“The Simpsons,” where Mr. Burns and Homer become stuck in a cabin.

Dumb and Dumber has snow.

Funny Farm has a fifteen-minute section about Christmas.

The adult-language-filled comedy The Ref has Dennis Leary mastering his comedic shtick and an early, believable performance. (One of the most underrated comedic screenplays.)

Maybe adventure flicks like The Edge with Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin (written by David Mamet). Or The Grey. Or Snow White and the Huntsman.

The Revenant!

More recently, there’s Arctic with Mad Mikkelsen.

Maybe read the wild novel Ice by heroin addict Anna Kavan.

Read the children’s book It’s a Wonderful Life for Kids!

Or shut the TV and phone off (and put a bookmark between the pages) and play a card game. Solo or not. Find an old board game. Poke the fire. Draw a pine tree or pinecone. Work out. Get off your butt! Stop reading this! Stop vaping! Stop talking about weed and your job! Do something for a change! It’ll be a new year, soon! You know if you’ve been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake!

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