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The Worst


What’s scary?

What strikes a fully-startling, twelve-string chord?

Being publicly degraded?

Caught! – doing unmentionables in privacy?

Exposure! – ridiculed for performing naturally?

Chronic, intense uncomfortableness?

Being ill at ease from within?

Must the vessel be disturbed and probed through physical pain?

Emotionally falling inside ourselves to cancel the outside agony?

Our central nervous system, our brain, malfunctioning?

Our body, our structures and strings from within, from our ancestors – every part of existence played, over-stimulated, sparked, and shut down –

Is the breakdown of our ability to function as a human the worst fear?


Are the mad ever again terrified?




It’s common sense,

This isn’t working.


This is common sense.


It isn’t working.


Common sense isn’t working.


This isn’t it.

It isn’t this.


This, it, isn’t common sense.







Take Note

Words that exceed 3 sylls, ABV to 3 letters.

3 syll words, ABV to 1 or 2 sylls.




The keynote speaker said: “We need to question when there is over-involvement. To do this, we need more observation and data.”




I heard an unfunny joke today.

It made me laugh.

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