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The greatest thing about WW84? The hair. And I’m not being reminiscent or throwing memberberries about (“South Park” reference where we become overcome with joy when chewing on grapes of nostalgia).


Wonder Woman 1984': 25 questions we have after watching

Kristen’s Wiig. I mean, hairdo … that is, Kristen Wiig’s hairdo.

This DC comic-book movie’s best feature is the accurate depiction of 80’s hair. It’s the most accurate depiction of hair I ever remember seeing (including shows and movies that constantly got the styles wrong during the 1980’s, like “Saved by the Bell” over-flair of clothes and colors that would leave that generation blind today).

By the way, do you think Wonder Woman 1984 will 100% adopt the WW84 abbreviated title as did Edge of Tomorrow with “Live Die Repeat” (the latter being director Doug Liman’s original title choice)? I’m one of the few that calls Independence Day “ID4” and immediately knows when someone references Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers (C.H.U.D.).

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