Comments about the Site

No, I haven't checked it out yet.

9 out of 10 people said

You're obviously not a graphic designer.


Why don't you do something more mainstream?


Dan Jones Inc? Is that with a K?


How are people supposed to get a hold of you?


Strange, unpredictable, and really funny.


What's the name of the site again?

Officer Klein

A lot of money in that, is there?


It's a lot of fun.


You know, if you got a cellphone, or even just got on Facebook or Instagram or some form of social media, people would get notifications and updates, and you wouldn't have to ask other people to spread the word. You could do it yourself.


Your music is awesome, but your movie reviews suck!

That is Dan This is Joe Concert Goer(paraphrased)

I still haven't listened to the new song on there.

Joe2nd piece of our 2-piece band

I admire your work and if I wasn't dead, I would love to have you direct me in a film. Maybe something with aliens and a woman scientist who is both smart and sexy.

Kenneth Tobey(AKA Gary)

Loved where you decided to cue in the music ...
Was the ending of the film cut off in the [YouTube] video? Seems like there should be more.